Making Your first Booking With a Newcastle Escorts

There is many things to take into account before booking your first appointment with us, or any escort in fact. We will use this blog to cover all the requirements on your part, so you can do a mental checklist.

This is will be our small guide just to get started, later we will release our full version. Once you have found a day you are free, make sure you have plenty of time and you will not be rushing yourself around. You want to be relaxed for you appointment with one of our Newcastle Escorts.

Now decide where you want your appointment, do you want to be doing it at your apartment, hotel or maybe out for dinner? or would you prefer to spend time with the lady at one of the incall locations around the city? Once this is decided pick up your phone and give us a call, if you looking for an appointment straight away, we will be able to sort this depending on who is available.

Please note, if you are wanting the appointment for a few weeks time, you could be better off using our advanced booking for, where you will be able to provide us with your address and contact details. We will text to confirm once your appointment has been confirmed with this.

We will be releasing a longer version of this guide in the coming weeks.

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