Newcastle has a lot to offer in terms of culture and attractions. In Newcastle and the wider surrounding areas, there are a large variety of things to keep you busy no matter what your preferences are. You can take in the world class cultures that make up the city centres as well as discover thousands of years of culture and heritage while visiting the biggest science centre in the North of England. Another attraction that Newcastle offers is the Mature Newcastle Escorts.

It is said that a man has never really been with a woman unless he has been with a woman older than him. Believe it or not, these were words from my father when I was going through my third breakup in one year. I did not want to enquire as o how he had come across that piece of knowledge but I thought I would give it a try. I had been through too many relationships in the recent past with most ending because I wasn’t compatible with the girl I was dating. I searched high and low for an older lady, even going to the races but I did not come across a lady I could approach. As a last resort I decided to check the internet. This is when I came across Easy Newcastle Escorts. Since I live in Tynemouth, I was a stone’s throw away from Newcastle so I decided to spend weekend there. I packed a few clothes at the end of the week and headed out to Newcastle.

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Considering that I was looking to impress one of the Mature Newcastle Escorts, I chose to stay at the Copthorne Hotel Newcastle which was a four star hotel with fantastic views of the River Tyne. I checked in and gave Easy Newcastle Escorts a call. All I told them was that I would like a lady to join me for dinner. They said that someone would be with me within the hour. I asked for her to meet me at the Fat Buddha Bar and Asian Kitchen. I was there in thirty minutes dressed up in a suit and all. A short while later, a woman who looked like Brooke Shields walked into the restaurant and introduced herself. I was amazed at how beautiful she was. I thought that when I booked, I would get an old woman but this was different. She was older, but someone I could easily date without feeling shy. She joined me at the table and enquired about my formal attire. I made up some excuse about being at some meeting and asked if she wanted a drink. She ordered a martini and we proceeded to order dinner. At first I did not know what to talk about but soon enough she was making conversation. She told me that she was 45 years old, something I did not believe because she looked 32, but who was I to argue and anyway, what would she gain by increasing her age.

I enjoyed my dinner with the lady from Easy Newcastle Escorts. I came to realize that our conversation was much better than those I had in the past with my much younger girlfriends. After dinner, she suggested that we take a walk. Again on her suggestion, w bought a bottle of wine and headed to the beach. We walked along the shores of beach. We had taken off our shoes and I felt as though I were in a romantic movie. After walking for a considerable amount of time, my date from Newcastle Escorts turned towards me and asked if I would like to kiss her.

This took me by surprise and before I had a chance to answer, she kissed me. I felt my legs shudder and it was as though I was a teenager again experiencing my first kiss. We lay there on the beach and kissed some more not minding the sand. After a short while we stopped kissing and continued on our walk. Unfortunately the night had to come to an end and we headed back into town. I dropped her off at her place and asked if I could see her the next day. I slept like a baby that day dreaming about my first experience with this Escort.


The following day, I met up with my date and we headed out to the Museums and Winter Gardens which offers a combination of a museum, an art gallery and winter gardens. This was the ideal place to relax. The lady from Newcastle Escorts had apparently carried a picnic basket which we were able to enjoy at the winter gardens. Later that afternoon we decided to go for a drink. I talked to her about my unsuccessful relationships and she was a good listener. She also gave me very good advice. Later after we had enjoyed more than our fair share of drinks, we went back to the hotel and I asked her to join me in my room for a drink. I was nervous as hell but the memory of the kiss we had enjoyed the night before seemed to offer me consolation.

When we got to the room, and as I poured out some drinks, she came and held me from behind. I turned and we kissed. We had our drink about two hours later. As I lay in the bed wondering what I had just experienced, I couldn’t help but admire the escort. She had showed me a better time than any of the girls I had ever been with. For me, this was an experience I had never encountered before. She spent the night with me and we only managed to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

This was my first and definitely not my last experience with Easy Newcastle Escorts. I have to think that maybe I am addicted to older ladies.