I have always wanted to visit Newcastle and I had finally saved up enough cash to make the trip. I am a history and arts & culture buff so I was looking forward to visiting such places as the Castle Keep, Hadrian’s Wall and Segedunum as well as Great North Museum: Hancock. I also wanted to visit the Museum and Winter Gardens. I had been saving for the trip for more than two months now and I realized I had more than enough to take a friend along with. I called Jasmine, a lady I had been eyeing for a while now, but she turned my offer down without so much as a thought or hesitation. Disappointed, I decided to make the trip on my own. I had made a booking at Matfen Hall which was situated in a grand stately home and was a hidden rural gem, or so I had been told. I drove down to Newcastle and as I was driving through the town, I saw a sign for Indian Newcastle Escorts. This caught my interest and I figured I would give them a try.

I checked into the hotel at about midday and found it to be a very accommodating hotel. It was peaceful and serene. Just the kind of place I loved to stay. I checked in and decided to give Easy Newcastle Escorts a call. I asked them to send me an escort and they promised to comply within the hour. I had a quick lunch at the hotel while trying to schedule my tour of Newcastle. A beautiful girl of Asian origin walked into the lounge where I had been waiting and I could not help but stare at her profound beauty. She walked up to me and introduced herself as Jasmine. I almost laughed at the coincidence. I asked her to join me and we begun talking about our interests. Turns out she was studying history at the university and was doing the escort job to pay her fees. I could not believe the coincidence. I was grateful to the Indian Newcastle Escorts for giving me this opportunity to meet someone with the same interests as I did. I asked her to suggest a place to visit and she suggested that we start off at the Castle Keep.

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I knew that if it weren’t for Newcastle Escorts , I would be having a mediocre holiday. We got to Castle Keep where I got to learn a lot about the history of Newcastle and even how it got its name. Moving on, we went to Hadrian’s Wall that tells the story of the Roman Frontier and then on to Segedunum which is located at the eastern end of the wall and was once the home to 600 soldiers who guarded this frontier for almost 300 years. With the Indian Escorts, not only was I getting quality company but I was also getting to enjoy the sights of Newcastle.

Jasmine from the Easy Newcastle Escorts was a joy to be with. She was very knowledgeable and made me laugh a lot. I wondered why many men did not consider getting escort services when travelling. I was getting to visit the places I wanted to visit and most importantly in the company of a beautiful woman. There is not much a man wants in life, other than this kind of freedom.

Jasmine then suggested that we take a river cruise into the countryside. I was up for this idea and we soon set off for the Quay to Countryside cruise which was a two hour cruise into the countryside. We sailed from the Newcastle Quayside upriver to the Ryton Willows Nature Reserve and the Newburn Countryside Park. By this time, my Indian Newcastle Escorts companion and I had become really close having discussed all the topics we could think of. The cruise took us under 11 of the Tyne bridges which included the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge. We also passed the famous Blaydon Races.


After the cruise I suggested that we head back to my hotel. The Indian Newcastle Escorts lady had no objection to this and soon enough we were at the hotel. I decided that we have a drink at the hotel lounge and we carried on our conversation of the history as I introduced her to the arts. She was a good listener and also chipped into conversation when necessary. I definitely wouldn’t have had this much fun with the Jasmine from back home. We went out to dinner at the SIX at BALTIC restaurant where we enjoyed great food, great service and a great experience. It was located at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts; hence the reason Jasmine had suggested it. She truly had my interests at heart.

After dinner and upon Jasmine’s request we decided to call it a night. I invited Jasmine up to my room for a night cap and she complied. Soon enough I was kissing her on the couch. She spent the night in my room and I knew I preferred Indian Escorts over any of the girls I had met back home. The next day we rose up early and after a hearty breakfast, stopped over at Jasmine’s place for a change of clothes and headed out to explore more of Newcastle.

Jasmine suggested that we visit the Beamish Wild High Ropes which provided a lot of adventure and adrenaline rush. We were like a couple in love and I did not want this weekend to end. We then visited Durham Cathedral which is considered to be the finest Norman building in Europe. Time moves very fast when you are having a good time, and soon enough it was time for me to bid this lovely Indian Escort goodbye. We spend one last night together, one I shall live to remember and I promised to come back. If you are a man looking to travel to Newcastle, I would recommend giving Easy Newcastle Escorts a call. It just might change your life.