You may be a first time visitor or you are a frequent visitor to Newcastle, you cannot help but be amazed at the wonderful sights that Newcastle has to offer. This capital of North East England has a little something for everyone when you take into consideration its captivating culture, the abundant nightlife, the serene surroundings and great shopping experiences. Located just minutes away from the coast, it provides both the opportunity to enjoy sandy beaches and also a chance to enjoy nature. If you are a man travelling on your own, you would be interested to know that you do not have to be alone because Newcastle now offers European Newcastle Escorts. Yes, this is the England experience with European company.

I learnt about the escorts from a friend of mine who had just gotten back from a workshop training in Newcastle. He was so excited about the services on offer that we had emailed a bunch of us while still in Newcastle to tell us about the great service on offer. Being an avid local tourist, I liked to travel at least twice a month and visit towns in England hoping that one day I would leave my country and get to travel abroad. I thought to myself that these escorts would definitely take me one step closer to reaching my goal of travelling to Europe. I therefore planned a weekend trip to Newcastle and waited for Friday to arrive.

European Escorts Are So Much Fun!

I left for Newcastle on Friday at lunchtime after getting off work early. I had decided to go all out with the expenses because I wanted this to be a real experience in England. I had made a booking at the Burrendale Hotel, Country Club and Spa. I arrived at the hotel at about 4pm and realized I was lucky I had made an earlier booking because there was a wedding scheduled for the next day and therefore the hotel was parked to the rafters. After checking into my room and freshening up, I contacted the Newcastle Escorts service and we discussed my requirements. After agreeing on all the details, I went down to the poolside to wait for my escort. I had never dated a European girl so I was anxious about what to expect. I lay by the pool sipping on some gin and tonic watching all the pool entrances. That was when I saw the tall elegant lady in a long white free flowing dress and the wide brim hat.

It was almost evening so I was one of the few people in the pool area. I stood up to receive her when she got to where I was and she kissed me on both chicks. She was the most beautiful lady I had set my eyes upon in a long while. I was sure I was in for a lovely weekend. The lady from Easy Newcastle Escorts took a sit next to me and I ordered her some vodka. Apparently she was from Russia. To my surprise, she stood up and took off her dress. She was dressed in a matching bra and panties and wasn’t at all shy to expose her body. She excused herself and dove into the pool. I noticed that even the waiters had stopped working to watch her elegant beauty. Some of the other men watched me with jealousy in their eyes. I, on the other hand was on top of the world. I was loving it. After a few laps in the pool she joined me and we sat talking about her home country and a number of other topics. It had begun to get a bit chilly so I suggested that we go and freshen up.

When we got to the room, the lady immediately undressed right there in front of me. I had heard that Europeans were not shy about their bodies but this was fantastic. She walked to the bathroom and when she got to the door she asked me to join her. I quickly undressed and dashed to the bathroom to experience what Russia had to offer. I dined in that night with my Russian escort and enjoyed a night of bliss in England.

The next day after breakfast, my escort left and I was left wondering what to do. I thought about taking on the sights and thought that I might as well do this while in the company of a lady. What better company, I thought to myself, than a lady. I called up the Easy Newcastle Escorts and this time requested that they get me a French lady. About 45 minutes later, a lovely brunette with a very sexy French accent knocked on the door to my room. She was a thing of beauty this lady. We left the hotel after exchanging a few pleasantries and she suggested that we head to Blackfriars which is a restaurant housed in a historic friary in the Newcastle City Centre. We enjoyed a lovely meal and three glasses of wine. I was really enjoying what the escort agency had to offer. Not many English girls enjoyed a few glasses of wine during the day.


A bit tipsy we headed out for some shopping at Eldon Square which is UKs largest city centre shopping complex. When I asked her what I could buy her, she immediately led me to a lingerie shop and told me to make my choice. Whatever I wanted to see her dressed in, she told me with a heavy French accent. I settled for some lovely red silk lingerie and after our purchase, it was back to the hotel to try on her new clothes. In a minute she was as naked as the day she was born, leaving me thinking that these escorts were really free with their bodies. Again, we ordered dinner in the room and I lay back to enjoy my last night in Newcastle. If you are thinking of visiting Newcastle, I would definitely recommend the Easy Newcastle Escorts for an unforgettable stay in Newcastle.