Brazil offers some of the most beautiful women in the world. Most men have dreamt of visiting the popular Brazilian beaches and even dating the Brazilian beauties. There are a few lucky men who have experienced this life cherishing moment but for most men, this is a dream that will never come true. At least that was what I thought until I came across the Brazilian Newcastle Escorts.

They were offering me the opportunity to get to know a Brazilian lady and even in a sandy beach environment I doubted I could get any closer to Brazil than this. I gave them a call and told them that I would be travelling to Newcastle over the weekend. Even though I had never been to Newcastle, I decided that I might as well take advantage of the sights and sounds of Newcastle while experiencing the Brazilian Escorts.

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I caught a flight and headed to my hotel. I had made a booking at Newcastle Marriott Hotel Gosforth Park. I was planning on going four star all the way and so I wasn’t holding back on expenses. I checked into the hotel and was directed to a lovely room on the second floor. This was really the way to live. I had to work harder to be able to afford this kind of lifestyle. Once I had freshened up, I noticed that it was two in the afternoon and decided to give the Newcastle Escort Agency a call. I spoke to the professional customer care service who had my requests on file. They told me that everything was as planned and I told them that I was ready. I went down by the poolside to await my Brazilian Newcastle Escorts experience. I did not have to wait long before two stunningly beautiful women were walking towards me. They were chocolate in color with very dark hair. They sashayed their full hips in a way that would make an eel jealous. Like I said, I wasn’t holding back on expenses. When making a call to Newcastle Escorts, I had thought to myself, if I could have one Brazilian babe, why not get two? By this time all the men around the pool area were staring, even the waiters seemed to have stopped working. The ladies walked over to me having recognized the white t-shirt I had said I would be wearing. They introduced themselves and I asked them to join me.

Now, I have never had the opportunity to date two women at the same time so I was a bit lost for words. This did not stop the women from making conversation with me. We talked on all sorts of topics as we relaxed and had some cocktails. Soon my anxiety had dissipated, either due to the cocktails or because of the way the ladies put me at ease. The Brazilian Escorts had apparently been in the UK for about two years. Their English was understandable and we were able to carry out a decent enough conversation. Soon enough, one of the ladies asked if they could swim and I told them to go ahead. I watched as both ladies took off their clothes. Luckily they had bikinis underneath otherwise; we would have been evicted from the hotel. Everything had come to a standstill around the pool area with all eyes looking at the curvaceous girls. I felt as though I was in one of those music videos on TV. After swimming a few lengths, one of the Brazilian Escorts came out of the pool and we all stared again. She toweled herself down while standing much to our astonishment. I did not hesitate when she asked me to rub some sunscreen lotion all over her body. I was on my way to heaven.


After we were done at the poolside, I escorted the Brazilian Newcastle Escorts to my room so that they can freshen up. When we got to the room, they asked if I would like to join them in the shower. I did not decline the offer and soon I was in a Brazilian sandwich, if you know what I mean. It was the best one hour of my life. After the shower the ladies left and I ordered some dinner and spent the whole night reminiscing on my day with the Brazilian Escorts.

I woke up early the next day and decided I would be going to the beach. I called the Newcastle Escorts service and told them that I would like two escorts to join me on the beach. I took a taxi to Sandhaven Beach and managed to secure a nice table and three beach beds. I could see that a crowd was already building up as today’s weather forecast had promised sunny weather all day. Soon enough, the Brazilian girls had arrived and this time, they had sent me different girls from the day before. They were as pretty, if not prettier than the ones I had the day before. These Brazilian Escorts really knew how to ensure a man had the best time in Newcastle. After the introductions, the ladies had soon stripped down to their two piece bikinis and it was sunscreen time. These ladies really knew what a man wanted. Other tourists kept passing by and looking at the pretty ladies in admiration. After I had rubbed both of them down with sunscreen, and when I say down, I mean every part of their bodies, we ordered a bottle of Hennessy and lay back to enjoy the beach. A few hours later and with most of the Hennessey consumed, we decided to head back to the hotel. Soon enough it was Brazilian sandwich time again.

The ladies left after a couple of hours leaving me to enjoy my weekend achievements. I was ready to go home having accomplished something in my bucket list which was to get with Skegness babes. Thanks to the Newcastle Escorts, I had been able to achieve something I thought impossible.