I always had this misconception that blondes were not the smartest people on the planet. I believe that this is something that the media has embedded into our minds leading to this negative way of thinking. Since childhood, I had this misconception in mind and it was only changed on a trip to Newcastle where I encountered the Blonde Newcastle Escorts.

It all begun with a fight with my girlfriend, who I should mention at this point, is a brunette. She was having a problem with my spending time with the boys, saying that it did not add value to our lives. It was the middle of the premier league and we had agreed that when it came to football she should give me my space. She was reneging on this agreement and I was having none of it. She kicked me out of her apartment after a heated argument. It was a Friday and so I decided to take a weekend trip on my own. I did not have a planned destination. I was just going to drive around until I found somewhere I could chill and calm down. My drive led me to Newcastle and I entered the first pub I came across. It was The Cumberland Arms. It was still early and so I made small talk with the barman. I asked him what people did for fun in Newcastle and he suggested that if I needed company, I should contact Easy Newcastle Escorts. I had always thought that blondes were not the sharpest tools in the shed but I decided to give it a whirl anyway.

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I called the number given to me by the barman and spoke to a nice lady who asked my whereabouts and my requirements. I said I just needed companionship and she said they would have someone with me in 30 minutes. I was on my third shot of gin when the lady from Blonde Newcastle Escorts walked into the bar. She was a stunning beauty. She was dressed in a beautiful summer dress that reaching just above her knees. She had lovely long legs and a size 34F bust. I liked what I saw. She walked over to me and introduced herself with a sexy husky voice. I asked her to join me for a drink and she complied. Our conversation was general at first and I came to realize that she pretty much knew a lot about every subject we talked on. Turns out she was studying law at the local university and was using the escort service to pay for her fees. Being a practicing lawyer myself, I was happy to hear this. We spoke on different law topics and I was very impressed by her grasp of the trade. She would make a fine lawyer. The thoughts I had about blondes being blondes were starting to wear thin. She was definitely different. The lady from Blonde Newcastle Escorts suggested that we take a tour of some of the sights in the city.


She suggested that we begin our tour at the Life Science Centre. This offers a great perspective on science and even with our buzz from the few drinks we had drunk, we really enjoyed the tour. I was enjoying the company of this lady from the Newcastle Escort Agency and I had never met a blonde who was as bright and as beautiful as this lady. I was really impressed. We left the Life Science Centre and went to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts. Here we enjoyed the art exhibitions on display until we realized that we needed another drink. We left and went to The Living Room for another drink. By this time we were really open with each other and spoke freely. I told her about my fight with my girlfriend and she offered some advice. I then realized that I was quite attracted to her. With the buzz flowing in me, I decided to ask her if we could get a room. The lady from Newcastle Escorts did not have a problem with my suggestion and we set out to look for a place. By this time I had decided that I would be spending the night in Newcastle. We found our way to the Clifton House Hotel which was within my budget and got a nice room. My escort asked to freshen up as soon as we got into the room and I sat by the bed scrolling through TV channels. Soon enough she came out of the bathroom in a see through silk gown with nothing underneath. I knew I had made the right decision coming to Newcastle and calling Easy Newcastle Escorts. Two hours later, as she was leaving she asked me whether she should send her friend over to keep me company the following day and I saw no problem in that. I ordered some room service and settled in for the night.

The following morning after breakfast, I settled by the poolside and ordered my first drink of the day. I received a call and it was from the lady from Easy Newcastle Escorts and she said that her friend was on her way. I told her O was at the poolside. A stunning blonde arrived about half an hour later and joined me. She was even prettier than the lady from the day before. They really knew how to choose the escorts! I ordered her a drink and we begun to chat. Turns out she was studying to be an architect. Again, I was taken back at how bright this lady was. By now, my misconception of blondes had really changed and I realized it was I who had been naïve. Soon enough we were in my room and I had an even better time than the previous day. Later we visited the Victoria Tunnel and ended up at Livello which is a stylishly chic cocktail bar in Newcastle. Unfortunately, my visit to Newcastle had come to an end and I had to go back to my girlfriend who had sent many messages of apology by now. I was looking forward to our next fight so that I could have an excuse to call upon the Blonde Escorts.