Newcastle is a town that is full of beauty and resplendent in all that nature has to offer. With its beautiful white beaches and illustrious parks, one can never go wrong with the choice of Newcastle as a holiday destination. Newcastle offers more than most towns in England and this may be in part because they have fantastic Escorts.

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I had been posted to Newcastle for a period of one month by my office. We were looking to open a new branch and I was there to carry out a feasibility study. After considering the fact that my stay was one month long, I decided to look for self catering accommodation to cut down on the cost. Of course, I let the office think that I was staying at a hotel. I chose to stay at Kielder Lodges which are located on the lakeside and have panoramic views and boasted miles of shoreline while at the same time being lined with pine forest and heather moorland. This was the perfect place to stay for one month. I moved into the lodge and after a couple of days of cooking and talking to myself in the evenings, I realized this might not have been such a good idea. This was until I saw an advert in the local paper advertising Black Newcastle Escorts. That day while I was working, I gave them a call and told them that I would like an escort at my cottage at 6pm that evening.

My date was right on time. She was a tall ebony colored girl of about 25 who looked like Halle Berry. I could not believe my luck on the very first day I had called them. I welcomed her into my home and offered her a drink. She agreed to have a glass of wine which I had bought that afternoon. I told her that I wanted us to have dinner indoors and was just preparing to cook. The girl from Easy Newcastle Escorts told me that where she came from, men couldn’t cook to save their lives. She therefore offered to make our dinner. She made a meal of rump roast and sauté potatoes. This was 100 times better than anything I could have cooked and I complemented her on this. We sat back and enjoyed our dinner while watching a horror movie that was showing on TV. She kept reaching for me every time we got to a scary part and I loved it. After the movie, we cleared the dishes and while in the kitchen, we did a lot more than just wash the dishes. This was my first Black Escorts experience. She left the following morning and I proceeded to work.

I was done with work early that day and having done my budget, I realized that I could enjoy the company of Black Escorts every day of my stay in Newcastle because of the deficit I had from not staying at a hotel. I decided that I would visit the Newcastle sights that afternoon. I wasn’t about to go around town on my own so I decided to give the Newcastle Escorts a call.

They sent me a beautiful petite dark skinned girl who must have been the source of the saying “black is beauty”. She was talkative and apparently studying at the university. The escort job was a stint on the side to finance her studies. She suggested that if I was looking for some fun we should pay a visit to PLAYHOUSE Whitley Bay. True to her word, there was all sorts of entertainment there from comedy to drama, musicals and concerts. We really enjoyed ourselves and from there we visited the Blue Reef Aquarium which offered the ultimate undersea safari.


After we were done, the girls from Newcastle Escorts asked me where I was and after I told her she suggested that we get some groceries and she cook for me. I was up for the idea so we passed by the grocery and bought some meat and veggies and headed back to the lodge. Now, I am not saying that all Black Escorts want to do is cook, but they sure as hell enjoyed it, and for a bachelor like myself, this was bliss. The girl made us a lovely meal as we listened to some soul music. I thought to myself that if this was what marriage was like then I should consider getting into it. Little did I know that men did not get to marry Black Escorts. After a lovely dinner we sat outside and watched the starts outside. Newcastle really looked beautiful in a cloudless sky. We lay there on the grass and talked about almost every topic I the world. I told her that I would love for her to be my wife. She laughed so hard that I had to join her. Soon enough, she straddled me and kissed me passionately. We made love right there under the Newcastle sky.

To my dismay, morning was here and I had to go to work. We left together and bid each other goodbye. I got to work in high spirits ready to take on another day. I had already concluded that it would be beneficial for our company to open subsidiary offices in Newcastle, of course having been influenced by the Escorts. I completed my report at the end of the first week but did not send it until the end of my fourth week in Newcastle. The rest of the time, I spent with various Escorts, some of them repeat escorts while others a totally new experience. Newcastle Escorts really do make Newcastle a place one should visit.