I have always been curious about Asian culture – I love their cuisine and movies, I am really attracted to Asian ladies and I have always planned to visit countries in Asia. Having grown up in a small town outside London, encounters with Asia were the movies I would rent and the occasional dinner or lunch at the local restaurant run by an old Indian lady. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across an advertisement for Asian Newcastle Escorts.

I could not hold back my excitement and even my girlfriend noticed that there was something in my mind. Newcastle was a two hour drive from my town and I therefore knew I could go and com back the same day. The next day, I requested a week off from work which was approved because I had accumulated quite a number of off days. I did not tell my live in girlfriend that I would be taking some days off because she would want that we take them together. The experience was not something I wanted to experience with her.


The next day I left for work as usual and headed to Newcastle and back to the Rosebery Hotel. I called the Newcastle Escort Agency and this time asked for and Indian girl. Today I would be heading to India. A beautiful lady dressed in an Indian sari like I had requested was at the door one hour later. She was curious about my request for the Indian attire. I explained my curiosity for her culture and asked her if she could cook for me. She accepted my requested and I left her preparing the meal as I went to buy some beers. Apparently she was Heineken girl. I liked that about her. I came back about 30 minutes later and the food was almost ready. I could smell the spices in the air when I got back. I was excited.

We settled down to eat and I could not believe how tasty the food was. I realized I had been eating very low quality food and missing out on the pleasures of life. I questioned her about India and she passed on a lot of knowledge on her home country. I got to learn a lot that afternoon as we drunk our beers. I looked at my watch and it was going to 4pm. It was time to know the other side of India from the Asian Escorts. We went to the room and emerged two hours later. I had lost all track of time as I discovered that Kama sutra really did exist. I had never experienced lovemaking like that before. I call it lovemaking because it couldn’t have been anything else.

I dashed home and said that I was held up in the office. My girlfriend was none the wiser as she served me the salad she had made for dinner. You could not compare this to the chicken curry I had eaten earlier in the day. The following day I headed out as usual and drove back to the hotel in Newcastle. I placed a call to Newcastle Escorts and this time requested an escort from Thailand. This was turning out to be the best week of my life. The Thai girl got there after about one and a half hours apologizing for being late because she had decided to pass by the store to get some groceries. Apparently the other girls had filled her in on my requirements. These escorts were turning out to be really good at this. She made me some lovely Thai cuisine as we sipped on cocktails which I had made from punch and whisky. We had a lovely meal which was ready by midday and eaten by 1pm. After a one hour history lesson on Thailand, we retired to the bedroom for another lesson. Again, I was surprised at what we did not know about Asia.

My week ended with after I had discovered two other countries and I was back to work in no time. I was saving up for another Newcastle experience with the Asian Escorts. I would recommend this to all the men out there.