I had just been promoted the head of marketing at the company where I worked and was heading for a training workshop in Newcastle courtesy of the company. It was a three day event that I wasn’t looking forward to. These workshops were all the same with all the presenters repeating what the last one had said. Considering I couldn’t cancel, I braced myself for a long three days. I hoped it would be better than spending time at the office. The workshop was being held at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead I was lucky enough to get a booking at the same location. When I got there, I was happy to realize that the hotel standards were really higher than my expectations. I checked in and immediately hit the bar. The workshop was starting the following day and I had a lot of time to kill. I enquired from the barman on what Newcastle had to offer and he suggested I try the Brunette Newcastle Escorts.

Now, I am the adventurous type but I had never tried out an escort service. After a couple of more martinis, I had gathered enough courage to give the Brunette Newcastle Escorts a call. All I asked for was beauty and anonymity. They told me that my escort would meet me at the hotel bar in one hour. I sat there waiting anxiously not sure what to expect. One martini later, my escort had arrived. She was more than I had hoped for. A pretty brunette who was conservatively dressed which earned her some points considering I was trying to keep a low profile. Still men kept staring at her and admiring her beauty. I asked the lovely girl from the Newcastle Escort Agency to join me for dinner and she complied. As soon as we sat at a table, two colleagues from competing companies walked up to our table and asked if they could join us. I was a bit hesitant not knowing what to say but my lovely brunette date quickly made up my mind for me and asked them to please join us. They introduced themselves and seemed to be quite inquisitive of my date. She answered all their questions with confidence making me look real good. Soon enough the conversation had steered towards work and surprisingly my date from Brunette Newcastle Escorts was very knowledgeable in marketing. I was pretty impressed. We enjoyed our dinner with my colleagues trying to make passes at my date. They kept encountering walls and eventually gave up. I was very proud of my escort.

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We had a few drinks at the bar before she suggested that we take our drinks to my room. I did not hesitate for a minute. We immediately headed up to my room and for night of bliss and passion. The next morning after we took a bath together, it was time for my girl from Newcastle Escorts to take her leave. I dressed and managed to make it just in time for the beginning of the workshop. Suffice to say I could not concentrate and kept thinking about calling Newcastle Escorts. I decided that I would as soon as I got a chance. I decided not to attend the afternoon session after seeing that quite a number of attendees had not come for the morning session. Newcastle Escorts had sent a lovely lady for me and she was waiting for me at the hotel lounge. She asked me what I wanted to do and I suggested that we go out and see the sights Newcastle had to offer. To my surprise, she suggested that we go to the Life Science Centre.

Being the naïve person that I am, I did not expect a Brunette Escort to be interested in science. Not only was she interested in science, she was also very knowledgeable on the topic. We spent a couple of hours there enjoying all the wonders of science before she suggested that we go to the National Glass Centre. This was something to call home about. We were glass exhibitions and production facilities which had live glass blowing demonstrations. We managed to pick up a few glass souvenirs and even came up with our own designs.

A little while later we left and went to The Living Room Newcastle where we had a lovely dinner. We settled at the piano bar and ordered some drinks. This was a very relaxing atmosphere. My Escort was very interesting and could hold her own when it came to any conversation topic. Soon enough we had left the restaurant and we took a nice stroll across town towards the hotel. I had not imagined that I could have this much fun with Newcastle Escorts. This was like the perfect date. There were no expectations from me and therefore I had nothing to prove. It was no pressure at all. I thought to myself that is all dates were like this or if all women were like those of the Newcastle Escorts service, men would live in a stress free world.


We got back to the hotel and I came across the two colleagues from the night before. They were even more perplexed at the sight of the lady from Brunette Newcastle Escorts. They pulled me aside and I asked my escort to head on up to the room and give me 20 minutes. Without any objection, she went up to the room. We went for a drink at the bar where my friends were curious to know where I was getting all the pretty girls from. I told them about the Brunette Escorts and they immediately placed calls to the service. I wished them the best and left them at the bar waiting for their dates.

When I got to my room I found the lovely brunette from Easy Newcastle Escorts lying on the bed in a short see through negligee. As I got naked, I couldn’t help but wonder whether they had Brunette Escorts where I came from!